Shirtmakers since 1959

A tailored shirt is a garment that fits only one body, it takes style, taste and sensitivity.

Our shirt factory was founded in 1959, by three young brothers who moved to L’Aquila, the capital of Abruzzo. Those were the years of post-war and, just for fun, the three young brothers started to learn how to sew shirts from their parents, who were tailors coming from the province of Chieti.

This small anecdote explains well the development of two different companies producing shirts: the first one realized custom-made shirts, the second one was based on the industrial production of shirts that were distributed all over the country.


Italy had been destroyed by the II world war and, in order to succeed, people simply needed a bit of entrepreneurial spirit and desire to do so.

In 1987, in the custom-made shirt factory guided by his parents,

Graziella and Adriano, a new entry, their son Pierluca, gave an important boost to the growth and development of the company.

In 1998, Pierluca opened a new store, located in the Prati area, Rome, in order to reach customers from Rome.


Over the years, we have always been learning from all the aspects that our profession allows us to acquire, consuming meters and meters of tissue and sewing an endless number of shirts, so that we are able to say that shirts have no secrets for us.

But nonetheless, we never feel arrived, but we know that we still need to learn more and more and we want to do so with humility, trying to adapt to this world that is constantly changing.