A custom dress shirt is thought and designed only for you, it is tailored taking into account your own peculiarities and specific characteristics.

Shirts that can be bought in shops are standard pieces that won’t never be able to satisfy you in a complete manner. Our tailors can create unique garments, able to adapt to different types of bodies: to thin necks, or larger ones, and they will take into account the lenght of your arms, chest and wrist width.

Why to buy one of our custom-made shirts?

Personal contact

We think that without any kind of personal contact, a tailored shirt loses much of its value.

We don’t want to just sell online, but we invite you to enter our shirt factory by a video call. We will interact with you not through automatic answers but we will show live our fabrics. There won’t be any program but only experts to guide you.


Shirtmakers since 1959

We think that without any kind of personal contact, a tailored shirt loses much of its value.

Our craft is to realize custom-made shirts. We do it since 1959. Two generations of shirtmakers who literally took measurements to several generations of customers. A custom-made shirt must totally fit your body. It requires style, good taste and sensitivity.

We wash our fabrics before processing

Our shirts do not shrink

We always wash our fabrics before processing them, so that they do not shrink once cut and sewn. This is the reason why, when they dry, our shirts last in time, even after the first wash.


High quality fabrics

Only high-quality raw materials.

We are always looking for the best fabrics in order to assure a huge selection ranging from the most sporty or contemporary taste to the most classic and sartorial one. Moreover, we prefer companies that embody sustainability. The range of fabrics we offer is 100% eco-sustainable.

Quality workmanship

The Italian craftsmanship

All our shirts are produced in our lab located in L’Aquila, and are made by the skillful hands of our seamstresses and tailors who have gained considerable experience in this field. This is the reason why our craft is completely made in Italy, it is authentic handicrafts based on the taste for tradition.


Spare cuffs and collar

To prolong the life of the shirt

To all our customers we offer the possibility to get an extra collar and cuffs, so that you can give your custom-made shirt a sort of second life. These are the two parts of the shirt which are subject to increased wear and tear over time and which need to be substituted.

Wide selection of buttons

Maximum customization of buttons

Our shirts are customizable in every detail. You can choose your favourite buttons among a wide range of models, colors, shapes and materials.


Customization with initials

Your own personal shirt

Each shirt can be further customized with your initials to be sewn close to the neck, or on cuffs or pockets or wherever you prefer.nt.

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